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Bold Facts About The Burlesque

Posted by on Oct 15, 2015 in Burlesque | Comments Off on Bold Facts About The Burlesque

People may have different perspectives when you say the word Burlesque, yet the only thing that comes to mind is women dancing naked. Looking at it with pure aspect of entertainment and proper knowledge will give you wider thoughts on the matter. Now, you will be able to know beyond this kind of profession and purposes why this type of entertainment exist for over centuries.

If you are to search with the primary definition of the word, this will give you the result of executing things in a parody version yet with a lot more exaggerations of the typical performance. This is an imitation of any works of drama and entertainment that is not just all about obscenity or nudity. In other words, Burlesque will be described as the caricature, a skit, a farce type of entertainment and yes, a pure parody.


Yet, you can never deny the fact that the public will always give the negative assumption when they hear burlesque, they will automatically think of low class dancers and performers who are always constituted with prostitution. To the point where the term burlesque is now synonymouswith the term striptease which are really different from one another. This is because decades ago, burlesque was just a mainstream kind of entertainment, no nudity and no obscenity at all.

This all started at the closing of the Victorian Era and was brought to US during that time. That was the very time where people restored the morale and modesty in its reign. The performances were viewed by a majority of lower class audiences and what the dancers do were to imitate the prudish ways of the upper class people through the use of songs and dances. Performances was then considered to be a political commentary.

Then there came the breaking of the taboos which started the dancers to use jargons of grinds and bumps, wearing immodest clothing and with women even speak with voices like men. The performers started to perform with more of the sexual involvement type of entertainment. From then on, starting from the 1920s up to 1950s, burlesque kind of entertainment was so in demand to public entertainment.


True, that the industry declined at the latter times when the subject material had risen as well as with the more the clothes off when performing. It was in the 90s years when neo-burlesque started and still, up to now, the industry is in its full operations yet with the underground scenes like clubs.

Then on, burlesque has already been considered as a profession, with the things that you are taught to do, to say, to treat your audiences, and the clothes for you to wear. Yet, even if the industry is already been considered to be condemned by the society, still, burlesque remains an art of dancing, and will forever be an art, no more, no less. These are the facts that you need to know when you are to enter the industry. Go to burlesque Sydney to enjoy if you are on a holiday to Sydney.

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Toys for naughty girls

Posted by on Sep 26, 2015 in Adult Toys, Adult Toys for Women, News | Comments Off on Toys for naughty girls

“Fifty shades of grey” a book that gave a quick peek into the world of BDSM to many women that had no knowledge about that part of sexual intercourse. And while many argue about this book portraying the BDSM community in a twisted and bad way ,many women are getting interested in a bit BDSM-ish part of sexual intercourse. They are not actually interested in whips and similar things they are more on a quest for a bit kinkier toys to improve their sexual lives.


And for that reason this short list exists. To present a bit kinkier toys for women or couples that desire to enrich their sexual life with something new and never experienced. Some of these toys are for women seeking new toys for pleasuring themselves, but most of them can be used as a part of sexual act.

  1. Juli Ashton Anal ( This is a beginners kit that will help you in exploring the world of anal sex. This kit contains multiple sized anal plugs and anal lube, which will help you to avoid injuries during your first experiments. )
  2. 516IQ+GPk3L._SX425_Under the Bed R. S. ( R. S. stands for restraint system. These items are basics of art of restraint. Contains 4 pairs of cuffs and 4 pieces of restraint straps, so you will be able to turn everyday bed into a binding asylum. And in a few minutes your room will turn into a bondage mansion and your partner into your slave )
  3. Impulse Jack Rabbit ( You have probably watched “Sex and the City” so you should know the power of a rabbit vibrator. Having said that, this one is the strongest vibrator of that type with large number of different settings for ultimate pleasure over and over and over again, every time like a first time. )
  4. Lucid Dream Vibrator ( Classic look with a penis like curves, this is a fully waterprx354-q80oof and silent vibrator with a lot of power to back its name. Unlike many other similar vibrators this one is made to be silent assassin. )
  5. Bondage Fantasy for Beginners ( As its name suggests this is a first step towards a world of BDSM sex play. Don’t let that frighten you this kit is a soft vanilla version of real bondage gear )
  6. Tighten Up Crème ( For couples that want to relive their younger days. This crème will help your muscles tighten thus making vagina virgin-like, which will make you feel young again while making your partner yearn for you even more )

This list is made to help yourself.  You don’t have to buy all of these items, you can buy none if you so desire. These products are made for more experienced women and couples but are in no way representation of a world of BDSM. If you are interested in or you have questions about BDSM community you should contact one of the members of said community. They are the only ones that can introduce you, safely, to the world of BDSM.

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